Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Imagine the Life You Want to Live

The following is my response to an assignment from the book It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh about imagining the life I want to live before I get rid of all the shit that is taking over my house.

What is the life I want? I want a life that is balanced, where I feel like I am keeping up and even getting ahead and excelling in the areas of my life that are important to me. I want to be physically healthy, emotionally healthy and spiritually healthy. I want to be a great mother in that I raise my kids to be happy, healthy and independent. I want to feel great about what I accomplish at work and have it have meaning for me. I want to have a strong and happy marriage. To have all of this I need to have an amazing home base.

When I am home, I want to feel motivated and relaxed at the same time. I want to feel a sense of peace and calm, but without feeling fatigued. I want to feel like I can do anything I feel like doing and that nothing (especially a messy, cluttered house) is standing in my way. I want to spend my time having fun with my kids, both indoors and outdoors. I want to have comfortable places to relax, read and knit. I want to be able to use the computer easily in a comfortable and clean space. I want spaces that are large enough for the whole family to be together, but each sometimes doing our own thing without disturbing the others. I want a home that is easy to keep clean. I want big, open spaces that feel like there is enough room to do absolutely anything. I want everyone in my family to know where everything is and have plenty of room to put things away without it being difficult. I want things we need to be accessible and in the areas where they are needed. I want family, friends and the kids' friends to be able to come over and feel welcome and comfortable. I want my house to be private, but light and airy. I want to feel like I can be creative at home because I am unencumbered when I am home. I want to feel that I can pursue anything and everything that interests me and that nothing is holding me back.